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ตั้งหัวข้อ by redbull Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:50 am

The Big List of NoFap Terminology

The following is a list of terminology related to NoFap. Some of these words existed before NoFap. Many of them were devised by either us or the NoFap community.

Accountability Partners: Accountability partners are pairs who hold each other responsible for their sexual habits
Blue Petal: Female equivalent of blue balls.
Chaser Effect: The super-charged desire to masturbate that sometimes hits 1-3 days after sexual acts. Especially powerful early on in a reboot
DE: Delayed ejaculation
Death Grip: The tight-fisted grip on the penis many men develop by masturbating. Because it is much more constricted than the grip of an actual vagina, the death grip overstimulates the penis, reduces pleasure in the long run, and can make it difficult or impossible to orgasm with a woman.
Death Schlick: Women have their own version of the death grip, the Death Schlick — stimulating the clitoris very rapidly and energetically — which can have the same effects.
DE: Delayed ejaculation – can include inability to orgasm during intercourse (if severe enough)
ED: Erectile dysfunction – inability to maintain an erection during intercourse
Edging: Masturbation without orgasm.
Fapping: Internet-slang for the act of masturbation.
Fapstronaut: A NoFap user
Femstronaut: A female NoFap user
Flatlining: Many NoFappers report one or more periods of zero libido during their streak, especially in the 2-6 week period. Transitioning from an overexcited, always-eager libido to none at all can be disconcerting and even scary for the experienced masturbator, but many Fapstronauts report that it is only a phase in the reboot and will pass.
Hard Mode: NoFap without any sexual release (even via a partner)
NSFL: Not safe for life. This is reserved for disgusting stuff.
NSFW: Not safe for work. This label is affixed to potentially-triggering content and should be viewed with caution (may cause some Fapstronauts distress)
PE: Premature ejaculation
PIV: Penis in vagina (sexual intercourse)
PMO: Porn/Masturbation/Orgasm. They come together like a Happy Meal and the toy.
PVO: Porn / Vibrator / Orgasm
Reboot: The process of restoring your brain to factory defaults. Said to take about 90 days (+/- 30 days), by anecdotal reports.
Relapse: For addicts, the act of returning to bad habits after a period of improvement. This is a serious word. Examples would include masturbating to porn (for a porn addict), significantly disrupting your life due to excessive masturbation (going on a 20x binge and skipping work), risky masturbation (masturbating in public), and other similarly life-disrupting activities due to an addiction.
Reset: Failing one of our programs/challenge. This stemmed from the act of resetting your day counter badge back to day one. If your masturbate during your challenge, this would be called a reset.
Schlicking: Female equivalent of “fapping” (masturbation).
The Surge: The period 5-14 days after the start of a streak often features a physically recognizable surge in energy and sexual drive, which seems to be associated with the fapstinence-induced testosterone surge observed in the study listed below.
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. Good words to remember, because no two reboots are exactly alike.


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